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The idea of my fishing lure came to me when I was deployed in Iraq as a Private Security Contractor.

In the year of 2011; I was hit by a IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Baghdad, Iraq and thought

my legs were blown off and I would die. After leaving the hospital; I was on bed rest for evaluation. I

remember lying in bed and staring at my legs that were rapped in bandages and I thought “If I get out

of this place alive, I will make something and that is when the thought of my fishing lure came to me. 

I was sent home after the explosion due to the injuries I sustained. It took a long time to adjust to the

civilian world again and all I could do is think about the experiences I had in war. After countless

therapy and medical appointments; I started to focus my mind on my idea. I wanted to make a fishing

lure, because fishing is something you can do that finds peace within yourself and enjoy nature. I

find the most joy in watching my kids catch fish and their excited moment of “Dad, Dad, I caught a

fish, I caught a fish”. I want every father or person to enjoy moments like this with my lure. The main

purpose of the lure is to spend quality time with family/ friends and to hook a good size fish. As with

any fishing lure; patience and practice is important. The most important attraction to my lure is people

are intrigued by the heart beat and their imaginations take off.